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Bosco dei Cirmioli

A DNA unmistakably from the Veneto region, strong visual impact, it represents the originating territories.
The Bosco dei Cirmioli line offers a wide range of varietal references: sparkling, semi-sparkling and still wines.

Our sparkling wines, fresh and fruity, are refined in their sensorial profiles and develop a unique and distinctive perlage.
The Prosecco DOC has always represented a feather in the cap as of the sparkling wine of Bosco Viticultori, and the distinctive style has counted on signs of appreciation from every part of the world.

The knowing natural fizziness, which the oenologists of the Group take care of, allows the sparkling wines Bosco dei Cirmioli to enhance at their best the organoleptic characteristics and the sensory profile of the original wine varietals. Seven references able to express all the vitality of grapes typical of this territory, which has emblematically been represented also by the Prosecco with its unequivocal “string” cork.

Thanks to the ideal climate conditions and the earth composition typical of eastern Veneto, international varietals such as Cabernet, Chardonnay and Sauvignon have developed here to the extent of expressing particularly fresh sensory profiles, characterized by a pronounced unique character. The selection of the Bosco dei Cirmioli still wines treasures this experience and tradition with a selection of white, red and blushed wines classified in the Protected Geographical Indication, plus the Denomination of Controlled Origin Delle Venezie for Pinot Grigio.