The wine cellar “A passion rising from our culture, knowledge of wine, and a constant research for innovation”.

Bosco Viticultori is located in Salgareda, in the heart of the Eastern Veneto: a land ever oriented to wine production, in a region backed by a great history and important cities like Venice, Verona and Treviso, from where the culture of Prosecco originates.
Thanks to its know-how, well strengthened over time, and modern technological equipment, Bosco Viticultori gives birth to a selected and quality production expressing the characteristics and peculiarities typical of this territory: clear, assertive, intense in scent; modulated, delicate and pure in taste.
The attentive operations of selecting and harvesting, followed by the crushing and fermentation ones, allow reaching excellence as of quality and giving complete and authentic expression to the territory.
Well established throughout the national territory, Bosco Viticultori has, over the years, developed its own international dimension, which to date represents about 65% of its turnover.
Since 2012 the company has been an integrated part of the Gruppo Vi.V.O. (Viticultori Veneto Orientale, i.e. Eastern Veneto wine growers): the main bulk-winemaking group belonging to the Northeastern territories of Veneto.


The territory In these lands, situated in-between the Treviso hills and the Adriatic Sea, environment conditions and work-hardy people have given birth to a viticulture tradition known worldwide; owing mostly to the Republic of Venice - the Serene Republic - which spread the tradition of its selected wines on the main tables around the world.

Starting from the end of XV century it was the Serene Republic itself, in reason of its great maritime achievements, which began to gradually focus its attention (both economical and social) on mainland estates. Indeed, it gave light to a refined architectonical and artistic culture in inner lands, embodied in the concrete and durable architectures of the beautiful villas. Beside them flourished an agricultural tradition and a more meditative and serene lifestyle, owing to the regained countryside territories and the resulting transfer of Venetian wealth and refinement thereon.

Since 1948 Bosco Viticultori has embodied this tradition, handing down the culture of grapevine and wine to new generations, safeguarding the quality of this historically precious land.


The bottling To date the company counts on two bottling lines, in order to offer different sizes and kinds of wine, as well as a line for tank packaging.

Recent investments on both the production lines have made it possible to attain a level of excellence in technology, in order to satisfy the ever-exacting market demand.


The ageing The ageing process of wines, mostly the reds, is managed directly by the wine fermenting centres belonging to the Group.

It is carried out by the ripening in wooden barrels of different capacities and essences, during which the wine takes on a particular and distinctive taste; a result of the constant cure and attention the oenologists of the Group reserve to their job.

Pra dei Dogi

Pra dei Dogi A new range marks VI.V.O. Group’s path towards certified sustainability.

The Pra dei Dogi range of wines and sparkling wines attests to the important path undertaken, back in 2016, by the VI.V.O. Group. The group of wineries aims for sustainability in the broadest sense, i.e. at an environmental, economic, social, cultural and ethical level. The Group has since started a decisive transition process to develop an eco-friendly quality wine chain. This involves ensuring good agronomic practices, using renewable energy, improving water resources in agriculture, promoting respect for local richness and uniqueness, and raising awareness among consumers.