With over 2.300 grower members,
6.000 wine-planted hectares of land,
nine manufacturing wine cellars and
a yearly production of over 90 million kilos of grapes

Vi.V.O. Cantine is the statement of a strong rooting into the territory fabric of Treviso.

In addition in 2016, Gruppo Vi.V.O. Cantine took over the management of the prestigious and historic company Vigna Dogarina, situated in Campodipietra (Treviso).

With almost 100 hectares in a single vineyard, Vigna Dogarina has not only quickly managed to get a reference point for the wines of the excellence in this area, but it has also turned into a centre for research for important academic projects about environmental sustainability.

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Pra dei Dogi

Pra dei Dogi: a new range marks VI.V.O. Group’s path towards certified sustainability

The Pra dei Dogi range of wines and sparkling wines attests to the important path undertaken, back in 2016, by the VI.V.O. Group. The group of wineries aims for sustainability in the broadest sense, i.e. at an environmental, economic, social, cultural and ethical level. The Group has since started a decisive transition process to develop an eco-friendly quality wine chain. This involves ensuring good agronomic practices, using renewable energy, improving water resources in agriculture, promoting respect for local richness and uniqueness, and raising awareness among consumers.

Our Cooperative has drawn up extraordinary business development plans, with high investments of financial resources for technological innovation and sales growth, to impact company policy and productivity firmly from now and in the years to come.

It is true, as the European Commission pointed out, that it is necessary to commit to “an economy that generates growth (...) by investing and safeguarding natural capital resources on which the survival of our planet depends”, that is “an economy that uses resources efficiently while staying competitive”. This transition offers Europe the opportunity to influence reality profoundly and generate new sustainable competitive advantages.

Our Cooperative has achieved remarkable results by moving in this direction: 70% of Prosecco and a high percentage of Pinot Gris have obtained the SQNPI (National Quality System for Integrated Production) certification.

Not only that: it was the first winery among the Vigna Dogarina Group companies to achieve the SQNPI and VIVA (Sustainable Viticulture) certifications. Many more will obtain it in the coming months. Nonetheless, the goal is to recognise the VIVA certification for all nine members of the Group by 2023.

The Pra dei Dogi range thus has a special meaning in corporate planning and production. It represents a milestone in achieving real, broad and ambitious sustainability.

This approach to sustainability originates from a solid social identity, well-rooted ethical principles and a highly cooperative vision, ensuring sound perspectives and relationships within and between generations. These are all intangible assets that add value to and are the basis for the good corporate reputation and positive image that we have built in seventy years of history, which we want to firmly and strenuously protect.

Pra dei Dogi: a name, a story.