The Italian excellence in our wines

The passion for wine and sparkling wines starts from having a deep culture and knowledge of one’s grapevines, but also from a constant research on the best production technologies. The temperature controlled tanks and the 85 autoclaves, with an overall sparkling-winemaking capacity of 40.000 hectolitres, allow offering constantly a quality product, performing at its best its organoleptic characteristics. The two bottling lines, brought to a productive capacity of over 35 million bottles per year, allow to guarantee great quality levels for great quantity needs.

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The quality of Bosco Viticultori, obtained thanks to the skills of our technicians and the avant-garde of our plants, is guaranteed by the international certifications BCR and IFS.

Moreover, from 2021 the company has joined the SQNPI certification scheme (Integrated Crop Management National Quality System), promoting the agricultural production in compliance with the regional regulations of integrated crops.
The Quality System is acknowledged at EU level and also SQNPI Monitoring Centre as claim notification system is active (